Issue 1 Contributors

Alison Keehn:  Alison Keehn is a former children’s book editor turned writer, waitress, sex-ed teacher, creativity professor, black-jack dealer (for corporate parties), amateur film-maker, and poetry-slam bartender. She is currently working on a YA Trilogy featuring Greek goddesses set in a modern high-school setting called The Goddess Girls of Olympus High.

Anthony Campo: A guy that writes.

Caroline Grieve: Caroline is a 26 year old self-taught photographer living and shooting in Dumfries and Galloway.  She does not especially like pina coladas, and doesn’t enjoy being caught in the rain either.  She does, however, enjoy taking pictures of quirky everyday things that make her smile. Her set ‘Everyday Firsts’ captures a few of these things  some she’s seen a thousand first times, and a few that she’s never seen before.

Carol Anne Grady: Carol Anne is a Scottish author and blogger who wrote her first novel during NaNoWriMo in 2012.She found it so enjoyable that she intends to keep writing until and unless both hands drop off, and may not
stop even then. | |

Lauren Macleod: I am a 17 year old singer songwriter from the Isle of Lewis, in Scotland. I began singing when I  was 5, picked up guitar when I was 13 and I’ve been writing songs for almost 3 years now.

Chas Stockwell: Chas Stockwell’s first published work was a Valentine’s poem. His second was an American football game report. He hopes his Angel and Demon war trilogy will be his third, fourth and fifth. He lives in  Glasgow, Scotland but frequently traverses the gridiron, Middle Earth and YouTube to find inspiration. | Twitter: @CStockwell88

Craig McLaughlin: Craig McLaughlin has a boring job in IT and likes to escape on adventures, whether in the flesh  or just the mind. He writes about his daughters, so when they grow up they’ll realize how much he loves them.

Danai Gabre: Danai Gabre is a China-grown Swede who is now residing in Scotland. Despite his love for the world and all its cultures, he spends half of his time in worlds of make-believe.

Emily Lindemer: Emily has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a pen, and became interested in cartoons at a young age. Her most recent cartoons have been inspired by her cat, Zoom, as well as by her observations of peoples’ absurdities and quirks. In her real life, Emily uses neuroimaging to study the human brain’s structure and functional connectivity, and will be starting her PhD at MIT in the fall of 2013.

Eric Sanchez: I live in Mexico, I love thinking about things that are not happening, that won’t happen and that should not happen. I like writing at night. I don’t like talking much. But I really like to read and to listen to music.

Georgia Bellas: Georgia Bellas believes in the secret lives of inanimate objects. She co-directed/produced an award winning short film about two bicycles falling in love, and her teddy bear is the co-host of a weekly Internet radio show called ‘The Secret Lives of Stuffed Animals.’

G.K. Adams: G.K. Adams lives on the Texas Gulf Coast with her husband and cat, Sheba. Her fiction has appeared in  a number of journals, most recently Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Fiction 365, Flashquake, and Everyday Fiction. Her personal essays have appeared in Texas Gardner and the anthology From the Porch Swing. She has served on the editorial staff of an allied health journal in the District of Columbia and as a technical editor for industry.

Lauren Coffin: Lauren Coffin is a native Texan trying to survive the cold in Boston. The official sponsor of her lifelong obsession with writing is a career in baking and cake decorating. This has resulted in many tortured metaphors involving books and loaves of bread for which she makes no apology.

Linda Vernon: Linda Vernon has been writing humor ever since she entered the Bulwer Lytton Fiction Contest where contestants compete to write the worst beginning sentence to an imaginary novel, and won the grand prize. She has been focusing on humor writing ever since. She currently writes a blog called Linda Vernon Humor.  Twitter/

Lisa Gordon: Lisa Gordon was raised near a barn in a small town outside of a city. She now lives and writes in San Francisco, where she received her MFA from California College of the Arts.

Mary Shonnett Nemeth: Originally from Akron, Ohio, Mary is completing the last leg of her BFA journey in Fine Arts  at Columbus College of Art & Design. She enjoys researching the theories of distortion, communication and the  hidden to apply to her studio practice. Where is Wally? The current editor of Botticelli Literary Art Magazine, she is excited about all of the creative arts.

Monnie Bess: Began writing at age thirteen and have since produced a plethora of short stories, dozens of children’s books, a romance novel, a self-help book, and myriad articles/essays. Currently working on two juvenile-fiction series. |

Paul Arsenault: Paul strives to capture the quirky and unexpected in both his sculptures and paintings, while  retaining the right to apply formal elements and techniques. However, he gladly casts aside the rigid fundamentals  earned in art school when the rules require breaking. Rather than honing in on a narrow and refined vision, he breaks  with the norm and prefers a wide angled view of his art, imagery, materials, and process. The end results evoke an unpredictable and refreshing sense of imagery and visual intrigue. Happy accidents and unexpected outcomes, bold color, playful experimentation, and formal rigors are encountered and applied throughout Paul’s works.

Pete Armetta: Pete Armetta is a writer of Flash Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories and Essays. Pete’s work has  appeared or is upcoming in Gadfly Magazine, The River Journal, Expats Poetry, Take It To The Street, Subtle Fiction, Best New Poems, Cynic Magazine, Blue Lake Review, Stone Path Review, The Piker Press and Inclement  Poetry Magazine. Pete’s first poetry chapbook, New Future, was published in 2012.

Resa Blatman: Resa Blatman received her MFA in painting from Boston University in 2006, and her BFA in graphic design from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 1995, and she has been teaching advanced level graphic design at MassArt since 1997. Resa has received several grants and awards, and her work is included in corporate and private collections: over 25 works are on loan to the deCordova Museum’s Corporate Lending Program. Her work is reviewed and featured in numerous magazines, journals, books, and online blogs (to read some of these, please visit her website). Resa recently completed a large commissioned painting for the WH Ming Hotel in Shanghai, China, and she is currently producing new work for an upcoming solo exhibition at Tufts University Art Center, opening in September 2014. Resa is represented by the Ellen Miller Gallery in Boston. To see more of Resa’s work, please visit

Robin Coyle: Robin Coyle was born and raised in California and graduated from University of California, Berkeley. She lives in a suburb of Sacramento, California with her husband Richard and they have three adult daughters. Robin’s novel is called In Search of Beef Stroganoff. Her blog is found at

Sarah B. Shallbetter: Sarah Shallbetter is an artist and printmaker working in the greater Boston area. She is originally from Minneapolis where she received her BA from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She exhibits her work locally and internationally and her work can be found in private/public collections, including the Boston Public Library Print Collection.

Sharna Eberlein: Sharna Eberlein has lived/worked all around the world. She has kept journals instead of photographs during her travels, and has always enjoyed writing. She lives in Puna Makai on the Big Island of  Hawaii.

Sharon Perpignani: Sharon Perpignani, formerly an optical engineer, has three screenplays in various stages of completion, a short script about to be animated and a first grandbaby on the way. She has way too many hobbies, like making baby booties both in knit and in origami. And she loves to take pretty pictures too.

Sophie Alexander: Life is short, so I’m following my passions and dreams: writing, crafts, baking far too often, and dreaming of a year off travelling with my little family. I am a conference interpreter and lecturer and a recent convert to blogging, at

Stephen V. Ramey: Stephen V. Ramey lives in beautiful New Castle, Pennsylvania with his novelist wife and three ornery cats. His work has appeared in many places, and his first collection, Glass Animals, is now available from Pure Slush Books at He edits the twitterzine: | | Twitter: @svramey

W Deeney: A thirty something year old wumman who acts like a teenager and wants to be a famous writer. Well I can dream…

2 thoughts on “Contributors

  1. Looking forward to being a contributor myself come early Autumn! said Timber Masterson. Akashic press took one of my stories, will be published at the end of August/beginning September. You should check them out, pretty dark and smart, they are in Brooklyn where everyone is dark and smart (?)

    • Excellent news on this other publication, many congratulations Timber, we’ll look forward to reading that. And we’re glad you’re excited about the next issue of Zest.

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