‘Aspirin Suicide’ Audio Version


Check out this audio version of ‘Aspirin Suicide’, read by the author Sheila Frye-Matragrano, it’s cracking.

Enjoy, share and as always, let us know what you’re thinking.

Stay tuned for more interaction with Issue 3’s contributors.


Issue 3 is here!

Congratulations to all of the fantastic contributors who have helped to make issue 3 fantastic! I hope that you really enjoy reading the literature – please let us know what you think. Watch this space as there will be lots more interaction with our authors very soon!


Zest Literary Journal – Issue 3

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Zest Lit Journal – Issue 3

Issue 3 will soon be here…

…And I’ll bet you thought I’d fallen off the face of the planet!

I seem to have missed that ‘tidy up your life, change your ways for the better’ mode of January; instead, some sloth-like creature had my old self spirited away. Nah, in all honesty life has been incredibly busy, hectic, changeable and really cold and dark, thanks to January’s cruel side. Now I am getting into gear and working with yet more fabulous, unique and incredibly creative contributors. I don’t know why I ever allow myself to succumb to other commitments, working here with and for all of you is so much fun. What a buzz.

Your patience, continued support and encouragement are all very much appreciated. You are a wonderful bunch of readers, writers and creators and you make this process all the more worthwhile! I hope the new issue – once it is finally up and running in the coming days – will be to your imagination’s liking!

Drink Tea and keep warm!