Author Interview – Lori M Myers

Lori M. Myers, author of “Nina”, talks to Zest:


Zest: What inspires your creativity?

Lori: Seriously, anything around me, anything I hear, read, or dream. I was recently in a diner in Philadelphia and some of the customers were all these wonderful “characters” that you might imagine in mobster fiction or nonfiction. I could have sat there all day, sipping coffee, and watching and listening. I recently sold a story that I wrote after being inspired by a terrible storm in the Midwest. You never know when or how creativity will hit. What matters is that you’re open to it.


Zest:  What conditions do you like to write in? Standing on your head, sitting on the bus, eaves dropping at a party…

Lori: I have a little cubby hole for an office – one that barely fits my desktop computer and narrow desk. There are files and papers and notes everywhere. Around me are photos of my dog, a candle or two, and New York Yankees paraphernalia. It’s in this place that my writing flows. My husband offered to move my office to an adjacent guest room, but I refused. Now I admit I have a writer friend who has the neatest writing space – a nice spacious room with mahogany desk and cabinets. There’s not a loose piece of paper or pen in sight. I was a bit jealous when I saw it, but I’ll stay right where I am, thank you very much.


Zest: Are there any writers that you most strive to be like and why?

Lori: I think every writer’s voice should be celebrated. We’re all individual and view life in unique, sometimes quirky, ways. While I devour good writing, I don’t want to mimic someone else. Instead, I may incorporate some technique into my own style, while still retaining “me.”


Zest:  What is your favourite book and why?

Lori: F. Scott Fitzgerald was and still is my favorite author. Tennessee Williams my favorite playwright. But my favorite book is A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick. In my opinion, this book is astonishing – from story, to the characters, to the writing. I couldn’t put it down and wished it had gone on longer. 


Zest: Do you have any tips about the writing process?

Lori: Persistence.



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