Author Interview – Lori M Myers

Lori M. Myers, author of “Nina”, talks to Zest:


Zest: What inspires your creativity?

Lori: Seriously, anything around me, anything I hear, read, or dream. I was recently in a diner in Philadelphia and some of the customers were all these wonderful “characters” that you might imagine in mobster fiction or nonfiction. I could have sat there all day, sipping coffee, and watching and listening. I recently sold a story that I wrote after being inspired by a terrible storm in the Midwest. You never know when or how creativity will hit. What matters is that you’re open to it.


Zest:  What conditions do you like to write in? Standing on your head, sitting on the bus, eaves dropping at a party…

Lori: I have a little cubby hole for an office – one that barely fits my desktop computer and narrow desk. There are files and papers and notes everywhere. Around me are photos of my dog, a candle or two, and New York Yankees paraphernalia. It’s in this place that my writing flows. My husband offered to move my office to an adjacent guest room, but I refused. Now I admit I have a writer friend who has the neatest writing space – a nice spacious room with mahogany desk and cabinets. There’s not a loose piece of paper or pen in sight. I was a bit jealous when I saw it, but I’ll stay right where I am, thank you very much.


Zest: Are there any writers that you most strive to be like and why?

Lori: I think every writer’s voice should be celebrated. We’re all individual and view life in unique, sometimes quirky, ways. While I devour good writing, I don’t want to mimic someone else. Instead, I may incorporate some technique into my own style, while still retaining “me.”


Zest:  What is your favourite book and why?

Lori: F. Scott Fitzgerald was and still is my favorite author. Tennessee Williams my favorite playwright. But my favorite book is A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick. In my opinion, this book is astonishing – from story, to the characters, to the writing. I couldn’t put it down and wished it had gone on longer. 


Zest: Do you have any tips about the writing process?

Lori: Persistence.


Author Interviews

After the first issue of Zest Amy and I published a short series of posts entitled ‘Why We Write’. A number of contributors kindly submitted their own interpretations of their work and some insight into how and why they write. We thoroughly enjoyed reading these, but this issue we’re doing it a little differently. Our authors have responded to a short interview and I will be publishing these on the site so that you learn what makes these Zesty folk tick. Fear not, if you miss any, you will find them archived in the ‘Why We Write’ section of the site.

First up will be Ms Lori M Myers, author of the witty ‘Nina’.

The submission gates are open, so why not post us some of your work if you’d like to be considered for issue 3.

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Zest is changing! What can I say, we must have felt inspired when we announced Issue 2’s theme of Evolution! I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer volume of creativity that was sent our way and it reinforced the voice screaming within me that we need to become a quarterly rather than a bi-annual publication. The wait, the anticipation between accepting and finally publishing the work was such a tease, I’m sure for all concerned! And so, I’ve made the decision to publish by the seasons so, step right up because Submissions for Issue 3 are now officially open. It is my intention not to have a set theme for this issue. You are free to write, to photograph and to generate artwork that reflects your style and impulses. Usual rules apply, as can be seen in our guidelines. For instance, if you were published in Issue 2, please resist the temptation to re-submit work until Issue 3 has passed. Incidentally, and to give you a heads up, the theme for the 3rd issue will be black and white – interpret that as you will. Check out our submissions page to see the first three themes for 2014, just to give you a hint for what’s to come. Details of when those reading periods will be announced will come soon.

Zest is growing and changing and as we progress, I’m met with a real opportunity to reflect on our progress. During the first issue, we were met with hurdles that we managed to stumble our way over. Setting up issue 2, I could already sense there were things that I wanted to amend in the future. For instance, the programme that I used to set up the magazine on. I loved every aspect of using that platform, with the exception that I can’t afford the monthly subscription costs to enable pdf download and there are some problems with viewing the content on mobile devices. Perhaps it will be a case of 3rd time lucky. Whatever the case, I’m pleased to be able to recognise things that need fixing and I am always working towards improving that.

It continues to be an absolute pleasure to be part of this project. I look forward to hearing from you soon and hope that you will continue to spread the word to your friends, family, colleagues, any pets with the ability to read/show an interest in our awesome creativity!
Thanks for your continued support,

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Zest Issue 2 Live NOW!


Welcome, at long last to the second issue of Zest Lit. It is a bumper edition, filled to the gunnels with all sorts of fabulous literature and artwork. Please check it out, share it and any feedback for our extremely talented contributors would be much appreciated!

Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013

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