Why We Write | Chas Stockwell

I believe inspiration is somewhat of a paradox, in that it can come from anywhere, and blindside you when you’re not even ready.

The inspiration for this piece came after reading John Donne’s ‘Devotions upon Emergent Occasions’. While struggling to read the long, uninterrupted paragraphs, I couldn’t help but agonise over why he had decided to write like this. To this day I don’t know, but I am grateful that he did.

While the content of his long paragraphs didn’t inspire me, the form did. As a writer, I like to imagine and write stories cinematically, but I am also incredibly interested in experimental forms in writing. While not overly experimental, the long, quite harsh paragraphs lent themselves quite well to detailing the state of the narrator in my piece. Without breaks, the text is inescapable and often uncomfortable. This is what I was hoping to add to the piece in terms of form, with the addition of using a specific yet alien title which directly refers to the narrator’s condition.

— Chas Stockwell

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