Why We Write | Sophie Alexander

I was walking down the road pondering the brief for the first issue of Zest Literary Journal and wondering what sort of story I could write about new beginnings that wouldn’t be clichéd, when I realised there was someone in my life to whom I wished I could give a fresh start, of sorts.

I went home, sat down, and wrote the story in a couple of hours. Although the situation is inspired by someone close to me, the character in Thaw has an inner life of her own, and I found the ability to shape her thoughts and the resolution of the story quite cathartic.

I am an inveterate daydreamer, and my writing usually stems from little scenes that pop into my head and unfold while I am walking the dog or sitting on a train. The tricky part is connecting these scenes, that are so vivid I can actually see the characters and hear their dialogue.

Thaw was my first attempt to direct my writing by deliberately choosing a theme.

— Sophie Alexander | Thaw | Issue 1

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