Why We Write | Lauren Coffin

By and large I would say that the writing process is surprisingly similar to the process of being possessed by a restless spirit urging you to resolve its unfinished business. The connection between you and this entity is tenuous at best — you aren’t sure when the thing will show up, and it can’t seem to tell you everything you need to know – but you understand that you will never be at peace until you’ve satisfied its demands.

Like any good haunting, the need to write will most likely arise at the least convenient possible time. In fact, the best way to come up with new ideas or conjure ghosts is to attempt to sleep at night. Additionally, you will almost always think you need more information before you start writing the story/righting the wrongs of the dearly departed, but it isn’t true. You’ve got to just dive in. The missing pieces won’t fall into place until you do. (Note: burning sage will not aid you in getting out a first draft, but brewing coffee has been proven extremely effective.)

— Lauren Coffin | Sally’s First Kiss | Issue 1

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