Submissions Still Open for Issue 2

Submissions are open until July 15th for Issue 2.

So, come on and give us your writing. We can’t wait to read it!

The theme is Evolution – do what you will with it and get crazy creative.

If you’re interested in submitting, check out our submission guidelines here.

Why We Write | Linda Vernon

I find thrift stores to be hugely inspiring when it comes to finding comedic material for my daily humor blog. I owe so much of my writing ideas to the good-hearted people who donate their junk to a thrift store with the hope that it will prove useful to someone else. I am that someone else. Constantly on the prowl for the old, the strange and the downright ridiculous, I enjoy knocking around my local thrift stores looking for writing ideas and inspiration.

I also enjoy drawing some of the characters who spring out of my brain, Peanuts (Peanuts being the name my brain insisted on giving itself). The Drawing Lady, The Math Lady, and The Vegetable Lady are just a few of ‘the ladies’ that make regular appearances in the blog. I like to write the story first, and then draw the characters afterwards.

Having spent my entire life as one of the world’s worst artists who loves to draw, I am delighted to find that my horrible art actually adds to the humor — proving my long-held theory that there actually is a reason for everything. The trick is finding out what that reason is! I am delighted and honored to have both my writing and my art represented in the very first edition of Zest Literary Journal.

— Linda Vernon | Lippy La Rue’s Big Trip | Issue 1

Why We Write | Craig McLaughlin

I suppose I’m best described as an accidental writer. In my early thirties, mortality seemed to smack me in the face and I started to ask ‘what have I done with my life?’ The answer was not much and rather than change that, I decided I could at least capture some of my own thoughts and feelings on paper, on the off-chance I die before my kids get to know me. That noble goal aside, my main objective is to see the funny side in life. I have a lot of fun writing down my rambling thoughts and hope anyone reading them gets a few chuckles too. Writing helps me get things straight in my mind and more importantly in my soul.

— Craig McLaughlin | Spring Fling | Issue 1