Why We Write | Carol Anne Grady

I tell you what — it’s been harder to write two paragraphs on my writing process than it was to write my submission for Zest in the first place. One might be tempted to say ‘Process? What process?’ I suppose that would be skirting the issue. Plus it doesn’t fill the space, unless I wrote it really big and we’re getting into cheating territory there.

Still, I am tempted to say it. My process is only to write. There is no planning, as little agonising as I can manage, and only the occasional midnight strop where I wish I had made a plan. I sit, and I write. I remain hopeful that my characters will tell me what they feel like doing, and that I will be able to help them do it. I write until I feel like I can’t write any more, and then I check my wordcount and end up writing more, anyway. I sometimes stop for an alcoholic beverage, which I can recommend. For me, if I want to be a writer, I have to write. It’s as simple, and as complicated, as that.

— Carol Anne Grady | A New Start | Issue 1


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