Why We Write | Amy

Why do I write? Because I have to. Because I need to. Because I want to. It’s not always easy to get the words flowing or to find the right words at the right moment. But, with a constant plugging away, one starts to see the changes happen as each piece of writing, which started as an inkling of an idea, starts to change, evolve, and grow. To me, writing is like going for a long run. I don’t always enjoy it while I’m in the moment. Sometimes I want to stop, or cry, or hit delete on the whole thing. But, I push on as slowly or as quickly as is needed. Then when I stop, I can reflect back on what I’ve done, knowing it may not be perfect just yet, or ever, and that there may be a long way still yet to go, but for a moment I can feel at peace.

— Amy | Zest Editor


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